Discount Binoculars and Binocular Sales


In the past, we tried to keep up with manufacturers' discounts, mail-in rebates, et cetera, and list them here. Interestingly, we found that doing so did not produce significantly better results than simply providing a link to the Eagle Optics pages for mail-in rebates (and they provide downloadable copies of the rebate forms), their "hot sales," or their demonstration ("demo") model sales. On the other side of the coin, it took more time than our webmaster was able to provide apart from employer's full-time responsibilities and family needs. (The entire OpticsReviewer team is comprised of volunteers.)

Also in the past, we provided links to one or two other binocular retail sites which we believed to have good customer service as well as competitive pricing. We removed those links, however, after becoming aware of a number of instances of questionable customer service involving them. Eagle Optics and Amazon continue to impress us with both competitive pricing and outstanding customer service — we prefer doing business with them!

Sales, Mail-in Rebates and Demo Discounts Through

The good folks at are continually updating their web site with news and information about manufacturers' rebates. If there is a rebate on a product they sell, they'll typically mention it clearly on the web page for that product and include a link to the manufacturer's rebate page. We've found that they make it very convenient and easy to take advantage of nearly any available rebates. They also have a sale page on their web site with all of the products they have on sale conveniently listed for convenient browsing. We like the friendly, helpful atmosphere and service at Eagle Optics.

This is a direct link to Amazon's binocular listings which include the word "rebate" on the binocular's page. In some cases, we've found that Amazon has accepted advertising from websites on a binocular's page which includes the word "rebate" or a customer review uses the word "rebate" and consequently that page may show up in the search results for "binocular rebates" in error. The most efficient approach that we've found is to check the Eagle Optics product pages for binocular purchase possibilities and then verify the pricing by checking that binocular's listing on Amazon. Eagle Optics is competitive, so it's not definite that you'll find any better pricing on Amazon's site, but it's a small amount of effort that can sometimes pay a dividend.