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The company that was to later produce Nikon binoculars got its start in 1917 when two of Japan's leading optical companies merged as Nippon Kagaku K.K. and that same year acquired the Fugii Lens Seisakusho firm. The following year the newly organized firm started research on the manufacture of optical glass and production soon followed. The firm that later became Nikon started by producing binoculars, rangefinders, telescopes, and periscopes in the early 1900s. Eight German technicians were invited to provide technical guidance to the new organization in 1921 and helped the new organization's production efforts.

The first Nikon binoculars were produced in 1921 - the tiny 6X15 Atom - and tapped into the desire for quality optics at reasonable prices. Nikon has also earned a reputation for quality cameras and camera lenses. It built on the binocular base established earlier and, after producing lenses for Canon cameras until 1948, Nikon started producing its own cameras. Nikon camera lenses are used today by amateur and professional photographers alike.

The first subsidiary in the United States was the Nikon Optical Company, which was established in 1953. Through the decades since then, Nikon has earned a reputation for high quality optics through leadership in innovation and for providing quality optics at competitive prices.

In 2001 Nikon established a separate, independent company for its sport optics - primarily made up of Nikon binoculars and spotting scopes. Today, you'll find Nikon optics in daily use by bird watchers, biologists, astronomy enthusiasts, hunters, golfers, and many more. With the Nikon 25 year limited warranty and no-fault policy for binoculars (excludes StabilEyes), they deserve a close look to see if they'll satisfy your optical needs.

If you should ever need Nikon's warranty repair service, we feel you'll find them kind, helpful, and efficient.

The following Nikon models are currently on our list to review:

Nikon Action EX binocular The Nikon Action EX binoculars provide great optics at economy prices. They use the quality BaK-4 glass optics and have waterproof and internal fog-proof availability.

Nikon EDG Binocular Nikon EDG binoculars use the same extra-low dispersion glass used in Nikon's Nikkor camera lenses which have earned a solid reputation with professional photographers for exceptionally clear, sharp images. Available at

Nikon HG Monocular Nikon High Grade Monoculars are tiny, but powerful, optics packaged in a housing that's easily and inconspicuously held in the hand or slipped into a shirt pocket or purse. Perfect for many uses and occasions which demand discreetly- sized optics, these high-performers will please the most discriminating.

Nikon Monarch 3 Binocular Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars are known in much of the world as the Nikon DCF MK3 binoculars. They were introduced to serve the interests of a significant portion of those who were previously enthusiastic Monarch ATB users. With the introduction of this and other, newer Monarch models we understand that Nikon will be phasing out the long popular Nikon ATB. This solid performer uses silver alloy reflective prism coatings.

Nikon Monarch 5 ED Binocular Nikon updated its Monarch 5 binocular by, among other things, using ED glass for its objective lenses. To differentiate this binocular from its predecessor, we call it the Monarch 5 ED. We ordered one and took it out in the field to see how it performed and then came back to tell you what our tests revealed

Nikon Monarch 5 Binocular The Nikon Monarch 5 binocular is one of the descendants of the popular and long-running Monarch ATB model binocular. A differentiating characteristic that separates it from the Monarch 3 is the use of a dielectric reflective coating on its prisms. We were anxious to get one to see what kind of characteristics it would demonstrate in use!

Nikon Monarch 7 Binocular The Nikon Monarch 7 was officially introduced in North America during July 2012. We were fortunate to be able to buy one shortly after that and we thoroughly enjoyed testing it so we could tell you all the details! This roof prism binocular has dielectric coatings which seem to exceed the reflectivity/brightness of some of the initial dielectrics Nikon previously introduced.

Nikon Monarch Binocular The Nikon Monarch ATB (all terrain binocular, also called the DCF in Europe) is perhaps the most popular binocular world-wide and was one of Nikon's best selling models. With Nikon's introduction of the Monarch series binoculars (Monarch 3, Monarch 5, Monarch 7, etc), the company is no longer filling dealer orders for them. Our review remains, however, in case you're considering buying a previously owned unit or have found a dealer with one in stock.

Nikon Monarch X Binocular The Nikon Monarch X has all the popular features of the rest of the Monarch models, plus it features long eye relief, brighter images (even at twilight), and sharper images from edge to edge. It also has the dielectric prism coating formerly found only on the EDG model, making it a solid performer in low light conditions. Available at and

Nikon Stabileyes Binocular Nikon StabilEyes binoculars are the company's entry into the stabilized image binoculars. Designed for comfortable viewing of fast-moving images or for reducing the effects of movement at higher magnifications, these were introduced to the market around 2005. Available at and

Nikon Travelite VI Binocular The Nikon Travelite VI binocular is a reverse porro design used for compactness and it has aspheric lenses to eliminate virtually all distortion. A carbon fiber housing combines durability with an exceptionally light weight.

Nikon also produces spotting scopes, range finders, and rifle scopes which typically share in the reputation earned by Nikon binoculars.

Nikon Warranty

Nikon's 25 Year Limited Plus No-fault Warranties are excellent. They cover the binoculars during the time that you would expect them to be in their prime and functioning smoothly. If yours require a service or repair not covered under the limited warranty, you'll want to tuck $10 in with them and you'll be responsible for return shipping and handling. Even if the problem was your own fault.

North American Office
Nikon Inc.
1300 Walt Whitman Road,
Melville, N.Y. 11747-3064, U.S.A.
Phone: +1-631-547-4200
Fax: +1-631-547-0299 (For warranty inquiries: 1-800-645-6678)

UK Office
Nikon U.K. Ltd.
380 Richmond Road,
Kingston upon Thames,
Surrey KT2 5PR, U.K.
Phone: +44-20-8541-4440
Fax: +44-20-8541-4584

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