Reviewed binoculars available at a discount!

We exist to satisfy your interest in objective, in-depth reviews of binoculars. Our goal is not to review every binocular, but to review the better/best ones available at various price points.

What do we get out of it? We enjoy both optics and the process as well as the exposure to new optics and seeing what's good just as much as you do!

As such, is neither a binocular collector nor a dealer.

When we've completed a review and don't anticipate acquiring additional binoculars to directly compare a particular model to, we will sell it at a discount to the most common internet pricing we find. This will naturally include some optics that we'd really like to keep, but, again, we're not binocular collectors. If we kept every optic we liked, we'd run out of resources to purchase more and this site would stop growing.

"Thank you very much! You are very kind to send it [the purchased test binocular] so fast. Your web site has been a tremendous help to me to find an appropriate, good, affordable binocular."

Julie in Oakley, California

While we use the binoculars and take them into the field for testing, we treat them as gently and carefully as possible so that you will have the joy of owning an instrument that looks as new as we can possibly provide. We consider the condition to be "like new" or "gently used." If any of the optics offered here have a noticeable cosmetic or functional flaw, we'll alert you to it. Each of the instruments comes with all of the items/accessories it normally comes with as a new item unless otherwise noted.

"Sorry for my delay in writing after receiving the package last week, but I wanted to thank you so very much for your binocular optics website that led to my purchasing of the Carson 3D ED 8X42 unit used in your review. It is a veritable encyclopedic resource primer of information regarding binoculars -- very educational and approachable for both technical and non-technical visitors."

"As you explained, this reviewed unit you sent (now proudly mine!) looks and works like new and was very well packaged/cushioned for enduring any rough shipping it might have experienced getting to me -- thank you so much for ensuring its safe delivery!"

Mark in Cincinnati, Ohio

"Objective and unbiased sources of information are scarce on the web today, so I feel lucky to have found such a thing in Optics Reviewer. Impressed by their site, I decided to purchase my 1st pair of binoculars from their used section and sent an email. ... My Nikon Monarch 5's came in the mail the following Tuesday, a day early [and] in brand new condition."

"If anyone asks me where I got my binoculars, I will happily point them to Paul and Optics Reviewer."

Jonathan in Orlando, Florida

Available items will naturally vary as some are sold and others become available. You'll want to check back periodically if you're in the market for a binocular/monocular.

We presently have the following item available:

  • We don't presently have any used optics for sale.

Pricing includes both shipping and insurance to destinations within the United States.

Since we're not a binocular dealer and are not operating a store, we are not set up to accept credit card payments except as made via PayPal. Similarly, as a matter of policy, we're unable to offer a warranty and all sales are final at these prices.

We gladly accept personal checks, but have found it necessary to wait approximately a week for checks to clear our bank. If you are interested in as timely a transaction as possible, please contact us about transferring the amount via PayPal. We are able to ship immediately when payment is made by Postal Money Order or a PayPal transfer payable in US dollars.

Please send us an e-mail via our contact page to let us know which instrument(s) you're interested in and to work out shipping/payment details.

"I love my new binoculars! They arrived safe and sound, well-packaged, in the original box with all the original parts. They are practically brand new, but at a more affordable price. I'd recommend Optics Reviewer and their test binocular sale to anyone."

Adam in Portland, Oregon

"The binoculars arrived last week and look great. Thank you for taking such care in packaging them."

Lewis in St. Louis, Missouri