Cheap Binoculars and How to Find Them.


If you're like us, good quality, cheap binoculars are the way to stretch your optics resources to get the very best quality you can afford.

No matter how you derive your enjoyment of optics, you undoubtedly want to see the clearest, brightest images you can. If you're a bit of an optics geek like we are, you've got to feed your habit and that means getting new instruments frequently. In short you're looking for the best quality your money can buy, but your pocket says you're looking for not-very-expensive binoculars.

We all recognize the truth in the saying "You can't produce high quality for the same price as low quality." For as many times as we've heard it expressed in a self-serving way, optics is one area where it's very true. For most of us that loosely translates to meaning that we can't always have our optics brand new and straight off the dealer's shelf. That's why musings like "Where can we find used Swarovski binoculars?" come floating from our lips. It's the reason why "Did you hear about this really good source of gently used Leica binoculars?" rips through hunting and bird watching groups like gasoline-fueled flames.

Here you have a short list of ways which we know work to find new and used binoculars at relatively inexpensive prices. For your convenience, we've split them up into separate pages.

Firstly, are you looking for a cheap price on your first, second or third binocular purchase? Unless you were born into a binocular-loving family and grew up knowing a lot about what makes good quality optics, we suggest going easy on your first, second, and third binocular purchases. You might consider shopping for great deals on new binoculars from established firms to be like paying a modest tuition as you learn about optics. We talk more about finding cheap new binoculars and binocular sales and manufacturers' rebates. As a reward for your research, you can get brand new binoculars at reasonable prices and avoid other people's headaches until you've learned a bit more about optics.

Secondly, unless you were born with binoculars stuck to your eyes and your first words were "Oh! Look!" - or you've bought enough good quality optics that you feel comfortable buying used, we recommend entering the used binoculars market in a way that will provide you with some safeguards. It will be faster and have somewhat less risk, although you'll naturally pay a bit more than you will with the more time- and effort-consuming approach for good quality, but really cheap binoculars. You'll also get approaches that we know work effectively, but which take time and effort to find those good quality, but super cheap binoculars.

Lastly, you'll have a short evaluation checklist of things to look at when you've a chance to actually hold your prospective purchases in your hands and look them over before committing to a no-exchanges/no-refunds, "I'm leaving on the next train out of town" deal on used binoculars. If you're a seasoned hunter of cheap binoculars, you may already know most of these. If you're just getting started with used binoculars, they can be real money- and headache-savers. There are even pictorial examples of chromatic aberration and fungi growing on prisms and lenses.

Having said these things, if you're simply looking for the best quality low-priced binocular, you should take a look at the Leupold Yosemite. We consider that a "best buy" in terms of the quality of both optics and build at a very good price.

If you're not a seasoned optics buyer looking to get the best value you can and are willing to spend a bit more, you'll want to research which binocular configuration will most ably satisfy your needs and intended activities. You may wish to review the choice criteria on our page about choosing binoculars. It will help if you study the various binocular specifications and become familiar with features and terminology - we've included a glossary that should help with many optical terms. Obviously, you've already started preparing because you're here!

Our goal is to provide you with at least one bit of helpful information! Hopefully more, but at least one at a minimum! What's being presented is largely common sense when you know about it - but they're not things that we knew when we first started learning about optics.

If you know an approach that we've not mentioned here and it's helped you achieve bargain-finding coups on your quest for high quality, cheap binoculars, please drop us a note through our contact page for possible inclusion here. We'll be happy to give credit to you! Also, if there is other information that you feel would be beneficial, please send us an e-mail to suggest it! Regardless of where you may live in this world!

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